New Game Alert ! Ocean King 2

New game Ocean King 2 was added.

This game will bring you to explore and see inside the ocean world.
There are many pretty and rare creature inside the ocean awaiting you to discover.

You have the chance to catch all the beautiful fishes inside the ocean. There are lots of types of fish you can catch. Each of the fish are worth different amounts of points.

You can play Ocean King II here.

ocean king 2

Pac-Man Game

Pac-Man has been my all time favorite game And I loved playing it.

Nothing like the classics.

Pac-Man takes me back to my childhood time,it brings those fun memories back for me. I did enjoy playing this game.

This is a good game.

If you have played this game before you will love it. It has been awhile since I played it.

Right now, you have the chance of playing this game.
Head over to 128v2 and start playing this game.

Try it now: Pac-man Game