The Secret Of Poker

British John Hesp World Series of Poker

Poker can consider it as a hobby or sort of entertainment. There are a lot of people have been playing it. The player ranging from celebrities, professional, athletes and so on. It has become a well-known game.

Poker is a game about understanding people behaviour and psychology… The cards in your hand where your greatest assets. You have to use everything, you could to protect your greatest assets. Getting a good card in hand can help to win the game… but having bad cards in hand doesn’t mean you can’t win the game.

Because all of it is based on your understanding and psychology of you.

Do they know when you bluff?

Do they bet high only when they have a good hand and fold otherwise?

Do they fidget nervously if they’re not sure how good their hand is?

And so on…

Before asking yourself those questions, you have to consider yourself too.

Taking your poker level to the next level, you’re required a lot of playing and reading something that is related. Such as body language, psychology, behaviour etc.

For understanding these, being able to see them in others, and being able to manage them in yourself are the hallmarks of an excellent poker player.

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Why There’s Minimum And Maximum Limit In Casino

chips limit for betting


Do you know why every casino games will have a maximum and minimum bets? Most of the games you see will have it. The truth is pretty simple — because they want your money, the more bets you place in the game, the more money they will earn.

However, if you manage to win the amount of bet you had placed — they will have to pay you back. They’re doing this because they want to limit the possibilities you win.

For instance, if someone knows the trick and keeps winning the games. They’ll limit your bets.

This system is built to helping you to make more money for each of the consecutive game, as the bets increasing the more money you will be able to earn.  Likewise, the maximum bet will have its limit too. So that, the players will know where their limit is… And how far they can go for the games.

Any casinos game table will show you their minimum and maximum limit for each of the table — be that Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Sic BO and so on… They will define the rate of bets for the table.

Most of the casino will have normal table and VIP table for the players. For example, the normal table bets minimum is $20 and the maximum is $1000. As for VIP table bets, the minimum is $500 and the maximum is $100,000.

Thus, if you have any special requests for a certain amount you like to bets, you can try to negotiate with the staff… they will try their best to satisfy your needs.

You don’t have to worry about they don’t have enough money to pay you. Most of the casinos will have more than enough resources to meet your bet.

The idea is to limit your double bets to a certain number of times depending on the game. Usually, you want to be able to double more than 5 times. Otherwise, you’re odds of winning become impermissible high.

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