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English Premier League: Manchester United vs Liverpool Preview

English Premier League Week 16 heats up with the much talked about North West Derby! Read all about our Manchester United vs Liverpool preview below. 128Casino is all ready for the clash between two longtime rivals. What about you?


While much has changed in the landscape of football in past decades, some things are constant, such as the rivalries between legendary football giants. This weekend, the football fields will figuratively catch fire once again as soccer greats Liverpool goes on the road and takes on Manchester United at Old Trafford. Both clubs have struggled much thus far this season but a win for either of these rivals would certainly be one of a few high points in this Premier League season and could even turn things around for them.

For about 2 decades, the Reds have endured being perceived as the lesser team in contrast to the Red Devils but soon after the departure of Manchester United’s long serving manager Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils collapsed in a spectacular fashion. With Manchester United in a greatly weakened state, Liverpool finally had their chance to rise and enjoy the view from the top while the Red Devils seemingly struggled to keep their heads above the water under the leadership of Ferguson’s successor, Moyes. Following Moyes’s departure, under the newest and current manager Louis van Gaal, the club started spending sums befitting its reputation and status to help boost the club’s performance to the shadow of what it once was. Though painfully slow and riddled with plenty of challenges along the way, the Red Devils are certainly on the right path ever since they bade Ferguson adieu and it would seem that Liverpool have once again been overshadowed by their old rivals. Those who once hailed Brendan Rodgers’s ingenuity are now some of his harshest critics, creating a swirl of rumors that his future at Liverpool is in jeopardy.

Both teams, in their current states, are mere shadows of what they used to be and could be, but it would seem that things are going better for Manchester United. Liverpool’s form appears to be suffering increasingly — the Reds are uninspired and overall, somewhat flimsy. However, one can still expect a fiery match between these two clubs because it is the infamous North West Derby, after all.

Prediction: Manchester United wins 2-1

English Premier League: Arsenal vs Newcastle United Preview

Seesawing back and forth between impressive performances and disappointing ones, will Arsenal be able to hold down the fort at the Emirates Stadium this weekend? 128Casino is back with another football prediction for all our Premier League enthusiasts — read our Arsenal vs Newcastle United preview below!


This Premier League season, all eyes were on league-toppers Chelsea as they sailed through week after week of the season unbeaten… until they Week 15. The Magpies of Newcastle United hosted the trailblazing Blues in a match last weekend and astoundingly put an end to the Blues’ undefeated streak. This victory by the Magpies and the loss by Chelsea has also made way for Manchester City to close the gap in their bid for the championship title and they are now just a mere 3 points behind Chelsea. While Chelsea’s loss to Newcastle United was quite unexpected, speculation and analyses showed that this loss was most likely not an indicator of Newcastle United’s prowess as Matic, a key player for the Blues side, was absent during that match.

After a small but much needed optimism in the form of a 2-match winning streak after their loss to Manchester United, fans of the Gunners were once again disappointed last weekend when Arsenal went on the road and lost 3-2 to hosts Stoke City. Given the Gunners’ tendency to oscillate between decent performances and poor showings, it might be a bit of a long shot to get one’s hopes up that the Gunners will clinch this one. However, since Arsenal will be playing on home ground at the Emirates Stadium, it is expected that the Gunners should at least be able to hold off Newcastle’s forces to draw on this one.

Prediction: Arsenal and Newcastle United draw 2-2

English Premier League: Southampton vs Manchester United Preview

As the Red Devils continue their ascent up the Premier League table, Southampton struggles to resist poor performances. Will the hosts be able to maintain their position over Manchester United? Read 128Casino‘s Southampton vs Manchester United preview to find out what we think!


Hosts Southampton have been having poor luck lately with no wins in the last 3 matches played — the Saints lost the last 2 matches and drew against Aston Villa prior to those losses. Manchester United, on the other hand, are on the road to recovery under the leadership of Louis van Gaal with a hopeful 4 consecutive match wins under their belt. The challenge for the Red Devils now is to maintain their winning momentum and continue their winning ways. Despite the challenges faced by Manchester United and the stumbles they’ve taken, the club is presenting a united front and is working double-time to repair the damages inflicted by ex-manager Moyes. Although a little slow in showing fruition, it would seem that the Red Devils are once again restoring hope to their fans who have been disappointed for far too long.

With only a 1-point lead over Manchester United, hosts Southampton will be desperate to stem the winning streak of their opponents in order to maintain their advantage but given the host’s recent downtrend that is coupled with the declining form of key players, it will be an uphill task for Southampton. For this upcoming match against Southampton, Red Devils captain Wayne Rooney will be back in the saddle to lead the team after a short absence, which no doubt will boost team morale and confidence. After a string of successive wins, the Red Devils should have no problems entering this match in high spirits and they will be expected to win this one while on the road.

Prediction: Southampton 1-3 Manchester United

English Premier League: Stoke City vs Arsenal Preview

The Gunners are building up their confidence once again as they start scraping together wins. With a winning streak of 3 matches, will Arsenal be able to extend their good run? Read 128Casino‘s analysis below in our Stoke City vs Arsenal preview.


Following Arsenal’s embarrassing loss at the Emirates Stadium to longtime rivals Manchester United, the Gunners have made amends and put in extra effort to clinch a 3-match winning streak (2 home wins and 1 win on the road). Stoke City, on the other hand, have not been faring well with a 3-match losing streak (1 home loss and 2 losses on the road). Stoke City last won a match at White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur and even then, their win was an unexpected one.

While the Gunners may have disappointed fans at the start of this season, Chilean player Alexis Sanchez has redeemed some measure of faith and hope in the club. With the team’s confidence slowly but surely growing, Arsenal is highly favoured to win this one as their hosts have been encountering difficulties in scoring goals. This season, Stoke City has also racked up an impressive record of misdemeanours on the field — the Potters have received the most yellow cards thus far and are currently ranked third in fouls per game. Given Stoke City’s tendency for aggression, Arsenal face difficulties when trying to score.

Prediction: Stoke City and Arsenal draw 1-1