Tips for Live Casino Play & Conduct



If you are new to the business of online casinos and have just been inducted into this environment that is packed to the brim with all sorts of gambling content, it would not be unusual if you got pretty confused and had a hard time distinguishing the differences between your regular online casino games and another mode of online gambling that is referred to as ‘live casino’.  While both online casino games and live casino games are symbiotic and embody the essence of online gambling, there are distinct discrepancies in both their styles and mechanics. Once you are able to understand the manner and method in which either online casino games or live casino games engage players, you will easily see how and why both inhabit entirely separate categories.

Online Casino Games vs. Live Casino: What are the differences?

Unless you have been a hermit all your life up until this point, the rough outline of the inner workings of a physical casino probably doesn’t warrant a description or explanation. In every physical casino, there are casino tables that each cater to a different type of casino game and typically, each game is managed by a staff of the casino, who are referred to as dealers or croupiers. Players who participate in a game typically take a seat opposite the dealer at the casino table, alongside other gamblers. It is the recreation of this real life and in-person gambling experience through an online platform that is referred to as a live casino game. Without having to be physically present at the casino’s actual establishment, a player can visit an online casino website like 128CasinoV1 Malaysia and choose the desired live casino game to view the list of available tables and live casino games that are currently running. While browsing, players can also get a visual summary of what the table looks like and of the live dealer who runs that table. Through a camera feed that allows the player to view the dealer’s moves, the session is streamed live and through the Internet.

In contrast, online casino games are automated, predominantly visually animated, and programmed using a Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm or software to handle a varied capacity of players. Online casino games include products such as online slots, video slots, casino games (i.e. Blackjack, Roulette) in a virtual environment, online keno, and more.


Good Tips to Know for Playing Live Casino Games

  • Make sure you have a fast and reliable Internet connection.

As live casino games are played in real time, having a steady Internet connection with a good speed and sufficient bandwidth will serve you well. As real money gambling is involved, the last thing you would want is to experience lag during a critical moment, or worse, have your game freeze on you. Even so, don’t worry too much as 128CasinoV1 Malaysia’s live casino games have been programmed to detect when a player has connectivity issues. If a bet was misplaced at a moment when your connection failed you, you can just contact 128CasinoV1’s customer support to rectify the issue.

  • Respect other players’ times and only play when you are ready.

Most other live casino games will have other players betting too, so it is common courtesy to not keep anyone waiting if you can help it. If everyone else is already seated and you are not ready to play, vacate your seat until you are truly ready to play.

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