English Premier League: West Bromwich Albion vs Arsenal Preview

Reeling from the unwelcome and somewhat unexpected loss against longtime rivals Manchester United, Arsenal is regarded to be in poor form and greatly under-performing. The match against the Red Devils was slated to be a somewhat easy win for the Gunners especially since the Red Devils had been having a much harder time rebuilding the team after ex-manager Alex Ferguson’s departure, but alas, that was not meant to be. Looking to recoup their Premier League run in this upcoming match, the Gunners will be facing the Baggies of West Bromwich Albion in both teams’ 13th game of the season. Both teams met earlier this year in May which resulted in a 1-0 win for Arsenal.


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English Premier League: Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion Preview

West Bromwich Albion is set to travel and play against the Blues on their rival’s home ground this weekend. Can the Blues maintain their outstanding record? 128Casino has the lowdown with the latest Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion preview!


After a week’s hiatus, soccer mania is back with Round 12 of the English Premier League. This time around, table-toppers Chelsea will be hosting the Baggies of West Bromwich Albion at Stamford Bridge. Making up for their lackluster performance last season, the Blues have been doing a fine job of pleasing their fans this time around with their impressive undefeated run. The Blues continue to remain undefeated in all the matches they’ve played this season — they’ve won 9 out of the 11 matches they played and have drawn on 2 matches. The Baggies have their work cut out for them and fans aren’t holding out much hope due to the somewhat unpredictable nature of the team’s performance. So far the Baggies have only won 3 of the 11 matches they’ve played, which obviously pales in comparison to the stellar track record of rivals Chelsea. On top of that, Chelsea, who will be hosting West Brom in this upcoming match, has won all their home games this season and will obviously go all out to uphold that record as well as the team’s momentum.

Prediction: Chelsea wins 2-0

English Premier League: Leicester City vs West Bromwich Albion Preview

While football upsets in championship seasons are common though unexpected, there are times when certain football clubs end up where they’re expected to be. West Bromwich Albion has been having a fairly decent season and it is worth noting that the team largely owes its thanks to the 21 year old Saido Berahino who has scored a total of 7 goals in 9 appearances. However, it doesn’t seem as if more can be expected of West Bromwich Albion than to be placed somewhere mid-table as their defense still leaves a lot to be desired. The team currently sits at the 13th position of the Premier League table.

The newly promoted Leicester City, unfortunately, isn’t faring too well either. Struggling to stay afloat and to avoid relegation, Leicester City is presently ranked 17th this season and is tied for points with Crystal Palace. With only a measly total of 2 goals scored in the last 4 games played, things are not looking good for Leicester City. The team and its fans will be looking to Leonardo Ulloa to come out of his goal-deprived funk to hopefully come through for the home team — the Argentinian has scored 5 goals for his team this season but somehow lost steam in his last 4 appearances. Leicester City will need to collectively pull their offensive and defensive strength together if they intend to beat West Bromwich Albion.

Prediction: West Bromwich Albion wins 1-0


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English Premier League: West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United Preview

Fans of the famed Manchester United Red Devils have not had an easy time being optimistic in their support for the legendary English football club ever since the departure of Alex Ferguson, who guided the club for an impressive 27 years. The much publicized retirement of Ferguson in 2013 made way for Scotsman David Moyes to hop into the coveted manager’s seat but the dream for Moyes was short-lived — the reputation and track record of the Red Devils suffered greatly under his leadership and a mere 10 months into the job, Moyes stepped down. Stepping up to the plate soon after Moyes’ resignation was Dutchman Louis Van Gaal. While many were optimistic and hopeful that the Red Devils would be able to miraculously spring back into the Top Four, it was clear that much restructuring and rebuilding was needed at Old Trafford. In particular, matches with other football clubs made it apparent that fresh, young talent might be needed to expedite this process of revamping. While Manchester United might have no choice but to suffer through this season and the next in order to get its team in order, Van Gaal has a proven track record, thus offering fans hope that there might still be some pride and glory that can be salvaged.


Hopes are running high for the Red Devils in the upcoming match at The Hawthorns arena, happening on 21 October 2014 (GMT +8). Read more for a quick and concise West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United preview.

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