English Premier League: Liverpool vs Sunderland Preview

The going has been tough for the Reds & the Black Cats this season but things are looking up for both sides. Which team’s improvements will propel them to victory? Read 128Casino‘s latest Liverpool vs Sunderland preview for our latest Premier League speculations!


After a tumultuous and less than desirable start to the Premier League 2014/15 season, Liverpool has started winning games once again but their recovery is a little too late as the Reds would not have a chance to bid for the league title. Ever since the departure of Luis Suarez, the Reds have been trying to keep their heads in the game but with their hands full trying to rebuild the team, their performance has left more to be desired. Nevertheless, if Liverpool keeps up the improvements they’ve made thus far this season, they still stand the chance of finishing in a respectable position in the Premier League.

Similarly, Sunderland has been showing clear signs of inconsistency but has managed to buck up on the team’s defensive side and is making good progress. Seeing as how the Black Cats are hovering a little close to the relegation zone, the improvement is more than welcome to help them steer themselves a little further from the danger zone. This meet between hosts Liverpool and visitors Sunderland will allow Liverpool the chance to extend their 3-match winning streak this weekend at Anfield, but that’s only if they can overcome the strengthening defenses of Sunderland. While Liverpool is the better team overall, the club has not been sailing smoothly this season. Furthermore, they will be facing Manchester United next week so the team might be a little distracted and worried about that meet.

Prediction: Liverpool and Sunderland draw 0-0


English Premier League: Leicester City vs Sunderland Preview

Sitting in a precarious position at the 18th spot in the Premier League table, Leicester City is desperately fighting relegation. Things are not looking good for The Foxes as their team morale has yet to recover from a crushing consecutive loss of 4 Premier League matches without managing to score even a single goal. Playing on home ground usually presents some advantages for the host of a match but the circumstances of this upcoming match fixture will hardly be expected to help Leicester City turn their form around. Sunderland, who’s in far better form this season, will probably not go easy on their hosts and the club is expected to attempt replicating another away win like they did when they were last on the road, when they beat Crystal Palace 3-1. Expect Leicester City’s poor form and lacking defense to continue costing the club goals and matches.

Prediction: Sunderland wins 1-0


Leicester City fights relegation and will look to save face this weekend as they play against Sunderland in Week 12 of the Premier League. Liked 128Casino‘s Leicester City vs Sunderland preview? Stay tuned because we’ve got more coming your way!

English Premier League: Crystal Palace vs Sunderland Preview

128Casino is back with yet another EPL forecast: Crystal Palace vs Sunderland preview!


Both Crystal Palace and Sunderland are in bad form this season and will likely be fighting relegation for the duration of the 2014/15 English Premier League. Hosts Crystal Palace will look to further grind Sunderland’s morale and ego into the ground, especially after Sunderland’s last two matches which resulted in humiliating losses where the team conceded a whopping 10 goals in just 2 matches, while not scoring any — The Black Cats lost 8-0 to Southampton then suffered a 2-0 home loss to Arsenal. With Sunderland in such poor shape and in a weakened state that probably includes decreased morale, Crystal Palace is predicted to aggressively seize the opportunity it has been presented with to secure a much needed home win.

Crystal Palace is currently ranked 16th in the Premiere League table and is tied with Leicester City with 9 points; Sunderland is placed 18th on the table with 8 points, just 1 point behind the Eagles. Seeing as how Sunderland seemed unable to recover from their morale crushing 8-0 loss to Southampton, it is forecast that Crystal Palace will further pile on to Gus Poyet’s misery with a home win.

Prediction: Crystal Palace wins 2-0

English Premier League: Sunderland vs Arsenal Preview

As the action heats up on the football field this English Premier League and as famed football clubs fight hard to reach the top of the Premier League table, there are bound to be unwanted mishaps along the way. Just a brief week after celebrating their first win of the Premier League season, football fans were shocked when Sunderland suffered a humiliating 8-0 defeat at the hands of Southampton. Given the Black Cats’ poor defense, their loss would be almost comical if it weren’t so tragic. In the upcoming match on home ground against Arsenal, the Black Cats will now be seeking to redeem themselves and to do some damage control.

Despite the 8-0 walloping that Sunderland was given by Southampton, the Black Cats have yet to be defeated on home ground. This is by no means a small feat, considering that they’ve played against Tottenham and Manchester United. Still, Sunderland fans have reason to worry about the upcoming match against the Gunners because Sunderland has lost their last 3 home games to them. Factor in the recent 8-0 blunder and what you’ve likely got is a very shaky team that is in need of strengthening both its defense and attack. Even if Arsenal is somewhat under-performing this season (undefeated but with no wins), our bets are on Arsenal crushing Sunderland yet again.

Prediction: Arsenal wins 1-0 or 2-1


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