English Premier League: Newcastle United vs Queens Park Rangers Preview

Will the Magpies continue their winning streak? Read the latest with 128Casino‘s Newcastle United vs Queens Park Rangers preview!


Newcastle United suffered a somewhat poor start to this Premier League season and the club was under a tremendous amount of pressure to step up their game. Although a little delayed, it was better late than never for Alan Pardew’s Magpies to turn things with 4 consecutive wins in their most recent Premier League matches. Newcastle United now find themselves tied for points with Manchester United with a positioning in the top half of the Premier League table that’s just above Stoke City, Everton, and Liverpool.

Queens Park Rangers, though not faring well this season, have had its share of memorable and glorious moments. The Rs last played defending Premier League champions Manchester City in what was thought to be an easy win for the latter. Surprisingly, Queens Park Rangers held their own and survived the Citizens’ onslaught to produce a 2-2 draw, proving once and for all that no club is untouchable.

Even though Queens Park Rangers have had some golden opportunities to prove that they are no pushovers this season, the Magpies will definitely be gunning for a win in a bid to extend their winning streak. Expect a win for Newcastle United that will be on home ground, no less.

Prediction: Newcastle United wins 2-1

English Premier League: Chelsea vs Queens Park Rangers Preview

Chelsea looks set to continue on its streak but upsets are common. Will Queensland Park Rangers get lucky? Get the lowdown with 128Casino‘s Chelsea vs Queensland Park Rangers preview.


If you’ve read our recent Arsenal vs Burnley preview and are a devoted English Premier League fan, you most likely won’t be surprised to learn that 128Casino‘s Chelsea vs Queens Park Rangers preview will be similar to the former prediction published. Chelsea has been enjoying a good run so far and have yet to lose a match — they’ve won 7 out of 10 matches and drawn on 3 matches — so they’re expected to continue on their loss-less streak in Week 10 of the Premier League season. This is an especially firm and certain prediction, given that Chelsea has shown and proven itself to be in solid competing form, unlike their opponents who have not had it go so well for them this season. Up until this point, Queens Park Rangers have lost all of their away matches while on the road and while they may have improved with each passing week of the season, their performance is still a far cry from great, judging from its current 19th placing on the Premier League table. It’s a negative prediction for the Rs but considering that they are outclassed and outmatched in this fixture, it is expected that they will lose this away match on Chelsea’s home ground while the odds are in favour for The Blues to clinch yet another home win.

Prediction: Chelsea wins 4-0

English Premier League: Queens Park Rangers vs Aston Villa Preview

Despite an impressive and hopeful start to the English Premier League season, Aston Villa has, to date, consecutively lost 4 of its last matches. Sitting at the 15th spot of the Premier League table, Aston Villa is desperate and on the hunt for a win, with Queens Park Rangers in its cross-hairs. Playing on home ground early tomorrow morning at 4am (GMT +8), the Rs are equally desperate for a win that will allow them to claw their way up from their bottom spot on the table. In a bid to win, it is predicted that both sides could get aggressive, so one can expect to see a lot of yellow cards issued.

It is likely that Aston Villa will perceive the match against Queens Park Rangers to be an easy win but with so much at stake on both sides, both teams’ players will no doubt bring their best game to the match. We also have to take into account Aston Villa’s poor performance of late and factor in lowered morale. Plus, any football fan knows well enough that match upsets make it possible for the game to swing either way. Despite its bottom of the table position and the team’s recent 2-3 loss to Liverpool, the Queens Park Rangers had actually done well and held their own against a major football club like Liverpool, so we expect that the Rs will put up a strong resistance to prove Aston Villa wrong.

Prediction: Queens Park Rangers win 1-0


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