English Premier League: Southampton vs Manchester City Preview

Brace yourself for a battle between two clubs who currently occupy the 2nd and 3rd spots on the Premier League table. Who will win? Read our latest Southampton vs Manchester City preview for the latest updates!


Southampton started this Premier League season in a surprisingly strong fashion and have defied many odds to come to the club’s current 2nd place positioning on the table today. There were even rumours or tip-offs prior to the start of the season that Southampton would be one of the teams that would likely face relegation. This weekend, the Saints of Southampton will be hosting Manchester City, who are just 2 points behind them in the 3rd spot on the Premier League table. If Manchester City is able to pull through with an away win in this match, the club will have the chance to leapfrog their way upward in the table and that is an entirely possible scenario as Manchester City’s team morale recently received a healthy boost thanks to a huge mid-week win over Bayern Munich. Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero propelled the club to victory with a hat-trick against their European counterparts but will Aguero be capable of overcoming Southampton’s tight and solid defense this Sunday?

Prediction: Southampton wins 2-1

English Premier League: Manchester City vs Swansea City Preview

Defending champions Manchester City have not been doing as well this season as they did during their winning season last year. With only 1 win out of the 3 last Premier League matches they’ve played, the Citizens will need to tighten their defenses and step up their game, especially since Swansea City are only 3 points behind them in the Premier League table. Even though Manchester City’s form and performance has been less than stellar this time around, a majority of punters agree that Manchester City should be able to bag this home win without much effort because historically, the Citizens have won 11 out of 13 home games at the Etihad against Swansea City. Under the leadership of Manuel Pellegrini, Manchester City has only lost 2 out of 24 matches on home ground and have won a whopping 20 out of 24 home matches at the Etihad.


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English Premier League: West Ham United vs Manchester City Preview

Much is at stake in the upcoming match between West Ham United’s The Hammers and Manchester City’s The Citizens. Manchester City currently sits comfortable at the 2nd spot of the Premier League table (just 5 points behind Chelsea) while the Hammers are gunning for more points to climb the table from its 4th place spot. Both teams have performed well the past week — Manchester City tore apart Tottenham 4-1 last weekend while West Ham United is rapidly gaining momentum after their 3-1 victory over Burnley.


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