English Premier League: Newcastle United vs Chelsea Preview

Will the Magpies be able to break the streak of the current Premier League leaders? 128Casino ponders the possibilities with the latest Newcastle United vs Chelsea preview!


Despite an underwhelming start to their season, Newcastle United has managed to pull through and even managed a fantastic recovery last month. Their increased efforts and positive turnaround has even allowed them to climb up certain spots in the Premier League table. This improvement in Newcastle’s overall performance could not have come at a better time as manager Alan Pardew faced severe criticism by media and supporters early in the season for failing to produce better results, which even led to rumors that his future as manager of the club might be affected. However, their luck was short-lived when they were summarily beaten by West Ham United last weekend. This loss does not bode well and one can’t help but wonder whether the Magpies are faltering yet again and if so, then a loss is almost certain as Chelsea seems unstoppable. Chelsea, who currently occupies the top spot on the Premier League table, is on a roll with 11 wins, 3 match draws and 0 losses. The Blues are having a fantastic season which is unlikely to end anytime soon, especially since they’ll endeavour to maintain their 6-point lead over Manchester City. Chelsea will no doubt be looking to extend their streak and assert their dominance without losing any momentum, so the Blues are the firm favourites to win this match.

Prediction: Chelsea wins 2-0

English Premier League: Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion Preview

West Bromwich Albion is set to travel and play against the Blues on their rival’s home ground this weekend. Can the Blues maintain their outstanding record? 128Casino has the lowdown with the latest Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion preview!


After a week’s hiatus, soccer mania is back with Round 12 of the English Premier League. This time around, table-toppers Chelsea will be hosting the Baggies of West Bromwich Albion at Stamford Bridge. Making up for their lackluster performance last season, the Blues have been doing a fine job of pleasing their fans this time around with their impressive undefeated run. The Blues continue to remain undefeated in all the matches they’ve played this season — they’ve won 9 out of the 11 matches they played and have drawn on 2 matches. The Baggies have their work cut out for them and fans aren’t holding out much hope due to the somewhat unpredictable nature of the team’s performance. So far the Baggies have only won 3 of the 11 matches they’ve played, which obviously pales in comparison to the stellar track record of rivals Chelsea. On top of that, Chelsea, who will be hosting West Brom in this upcoming match, has won all their home games this season and will obviously go all out to uphold that record as well as the team’s momentum.

Prediction: Chelsea wins 2-0

English Premier League: Liverpool vs Chelsea Preview

Week 11 of the English Premier League starts off with what promises to be a big clash between Liverpool and Chelsea, who is currently enjoying the view from the top of table. Chelsea has had a great start to the season that has been followed up by an undefeated run. Liverpool, on the other hand, are not having such luck and are clearly falling short of their expected potential. The Reds have only won 3 of the 10 matches they’ve played and much is weighing on their shoulders for the upcoming match as they will be hosting the Blues at Anfield. Despite his troubles and problem behaviour, former Reds striker Luis Suarez had obviously contributed to the strength of the team and it’s a shame that after his departure, the team’s star has been slowly fading away, much like their fellow rival Manchester United after the departure of Alex Ferguson. Even though Liverpool could potentially step up their game, Chelsea is highly favoured to win this one, given their morale-boosting season run thus far — they currently stand unbeaten in 16 matches. Plus, Chelsea has consistently displayed teamwork and efficiency on the field, thanks to strategies that employ minimal aggression, thus allowing the Blues to avoid bookings on any of their key players.

Prediction: Chelsea wins 2-1


Will Chelsea continue to stay undefeated on their Premier League run? Brace yourself for Week 11 of the English Premier League to see if our Liverpool vs Chelsea preview and predictions come true!

English Premier League: Chelsea vs Queens Park Rangers Preview

Chelsea looks set to continue on its streak but upsets are common. Will Queensland Park Rangers get lucky? Get the lowdown with 128Casino‘s Chelsea vs Queensland Park Rangers preview.


If you’ve read our recent Arsenal vs Burnley preview and are a devoted English Premier League fan, you most likely won’t be surprised to learn that 128Casino‘s Chelsea vs Queens Park Rangers preview will be similar to the former prediction published. Chelsea has been enjoying a good run so far and have yet to lose a match — they’ve won 7 out of 10 matches and drawn on 3 matches — so they’re expected to continue on their loss-less streak in Week 10 of the Premier League season. This is an especially firm and certain prediction, given that Chelsea has shown and proven itself to be in solid competing form, unlike their opponents who have not had it go so well for them this season. Up until this point, Queens Park Rangers have lost all of their away matches while on the road and while they may have improved with each passing week of the season, their performance is still a far cry from great, judging from its current 19th placing on the Premier League table. It’s a negative prediction for the Rs but considering that they are outclassed and outmatched in this fixture, it is expected that they will lose this away match on Chelsea’s home ground while the odds are in favour for The Blues to clinch yet another home win.

Prediction: Chelsea wins 4-0