English Premier League: Arsenal vs Newcastle United Preview

Seesawing back and forth between impressive performances and disappointing ones, will Arsenal be able to hold down the fort at the Emirates Stadium this weekend? 128Casino is back with another football prediction for all our Premier League enthusiasts — read our Arsenal vs Newcastle United preview below!


This Premier League season, all eyes were on league-toppers Chelsea as they sailed through week after week of the season unbeaten… until they Week 15. The Magpies of Newcastle United hosted the trailblazing Blues in a match last weekend and astoundingly put an end to the Blues’ undefeated streak. This victory by the Magpies and the loss by Chelsea has also made way for Manchester City to close the gap in their bid for the championship title and they are now just a mere 3 points behind Chelsea. While Chelsea’s loss to Newcastle United was quite unexpected, speculation and analyses showed that this loss was most likely not an indicator of Newcastle United’s prowess as Matic, a key player for the Blues side, was absent during that match.

After a small but much needed optimism in the form of a 2-match winning streak after their loss to Manchester United, fans of the Gunners were once again disappointed last weekend when Arsenal went on the road and lost 3-2 to hosts Stoke City. Given the Gunners’ tendency to oscillate between decent performances and poor showings, it might be a bit of a long shot to get one’s hopes up that the Gunners will clinch this one. However, since Arsenal will be playing on home ground at the Emirates Stadium, it is expected that the Gunners should at least be able to hold off Newcastle’s forces to draw on this one.

Prediction: Arsenal and Newcastle United draw 2-2

English Premier League: Stoke City vs Arsenal Preview

The Gunners are building up their confidence once again as they start scraping together wins. With a winning streak of 3 matches, will Arsenal be able to extend their good run? Read 128Casino‘s analysis below in our Stoke City vs Arsenal preview.


Following Arsenal’s embarrassing loss at the Emirates Stadium to longtime rivals Manchester United, the Gunners have made amends and put in extra effort to clinch a 3-match winning streak (2 home wins and 1 win on the road). Stoke City, on the other hand, have not been faring well with a 3-match losing streak (1 home loss and 2 losses on the road). Stoke City last won a match at White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur and even then, their win was an unexpected one.

While the Gunners may have disappointed fans at the start of this season, Chilean player Alexis Sanchez has redeemed some measure of faith and hope in the club. With the team’s confidence slowly but surely growing, Arsenal is highly favoured to win this one as their hosts have been encountering difficulties in scoring goals. This season, Stoke City has also racked up an impressive record of misdemeanours on the field — the Potters have received the most yellow cards thus far and are currently ranked third in fouls per game. Given Stoke City’s tendency for aggression, Arsenal face difficulties when trying to score.

Prediction: Stoke City and Arsenal draw 1-1

English Premier League: West Bromwich Albion vs Arsenal Preview

Reeling from the unwelcome and somewhat unexpected loss against longtime rivals Manchester United, Arsenal is regarded to be in poor form and greatly under-performing. The match against the Red Devils was slated to be a somewhat easy win for the Gunners especially since the Red Devils had been having a much harder time rebuilding the team after ex-manager Alex Ferguson’s departure, but alas, that was not meant to be. Looking to recoup their Premier League run in this upcoming match, the Gunners will be facing the Baggies of West Bromwich Albion in both teams’ 13th game of the season. Both teams met earlier this year in May which resulted in a 1-0 win for Arsenal.


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English Premier League: Arsenal vs Manchester United Preview

A clash of two football titans is almost upon us this season. Who do you think will prevail? Read 128Casino‘s Arsenal vs Manchester United preview for our predictions!


English football fans and those from around the world are eagerly anticipating the epic clash between the Gunners and the Red Devils at Emirates Stadium this coming Sunday. With a long drawn out history of bad blood between these two major football clubs, every match played against each other is expected to be an action-packed affair with audiences from all over the world tuning in to live broadcasts of the match. The close rivalry between these two football giants is further aggravated by Robin van Persie’s move as former Arsenal captain to Manchester United in 2012. Displeased and angered fans want nothing more than for Persie to be the laughingstock of the Premier League season, especially when clashing with Arsenal, and there seems to be no better time for that than now, when Manchester United is struggling to even maintain the shadow of the club’s once-bright star.

Arsenal fans and embittered ex-colleagues might just get the last laugh as van Persie’s star faded not long after joining Manchester United and now that old injuries have resurfaced to get in the way of his contribution to the club, there are reports alleging some Manchester United fans have been calling for his ‘disposal’. Even though Arsenal’s form is far from tip-top and they’ve got a ways to go in terms of rebuilding the team, popular opinion is that the hosts are in better form than the Red Devils, who have been floundering ever since ex-manager Ferguson’s departure. Furthermore, the Gunners can rely on Alexis Sanchez, who has almost single-handedly kept the club afloat in recent games by contributing about 75% of goals scored. A home win is expected for the Gunners, who will likely jeer the presence of van Persie.

Prediction: Arsenal wins 3-1

English Premier League: Arsenal vs Burnley Preview

For English Premier League newcomers Burnley, the elation of qualifying for the 2014/15 season was awfully (and almost piteously) short-lived. Suffering a terrible and almost disastrous run that saw Burnley unable to win any of the 9 games they’ve played and with only a dismal total of 4 goals scored thus far, the team has now claimed the bottom-most spot on the Premier League table. The Gunners, on the other hand, haven’t been delivering either. With their sometimes hot and sometimes cold performance on the field, Arsenal seems to fall short of its expected potential. Despite the somewhat lackluster form displayed, the Gunners are without contest the firm favourites expected to win this match. In fact, it might even be said that the match against Burnley would likely be an easy win for the Gunners and that Burnley’s role in this match would be to provide itself as a stepping stone for Arsenal to renew its purpose this season.


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