Roulette Online Gambling: A Simple Guide

As simple as the rules of roulette online gambling may be, every amateur online gambler needs some help and guidance to make online casino play more enjoyable. While roulette is a game that pits luck against odds and probabilities, the game has always held a certain allure for those who actively seek to test the true extent of their luck. Roulette has been glamourized plenty of times on the silver screen but if you’ve never actually given it a go personally, it may be best to check out 128Casino‘s simple guide first.


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World Series of Poker 2014 Main Event

With roots dating back as far as the early 19th century, poker has developed, grown and evolved into one of the world’s favourite casino gambling games of all time. Popular in both actual casinos as well as online ones, poker has even come to be regarded as a sport. Annually, ambitious and talented poker players from all over the world come together to match wits during the World Series of Poker (WSOP), all for the chance to win a multi-million dollar cash prize, a championship bracelet, and the coveted title of World Champion of Poker. A series of 65 events during the WSOP tournament is usually held, finally culminating in the top 9 WSOP poker players being gathered around the table for a shot at the title of World Champion during the main event. This year is no different. Come 10th November 2014 (GMT +8), the World Series of Poker 2014 will reveal who the World Champion of this year will be. Make sure you don’t miss out on the main event that is commonly referred to as November Nine, happening during the World Series of Poker 2014!



Mark your calendars and watch 9 World Series of Poker 2014 pro players vie for the coveted title — World Champion of Poker!

Play Slots Online for Real Money at 128Casino

No casino, whether physical brick-and-mortar or online, would ever be the same without its most trademark offering — slots. The first ever slot machine was invented in the late 1800s by a man named Charles Fey but it was the creative genius of Flamingo Hilton hotel’s owner Bugsy Siegel that cemented the importance of slot machines in the history of casinos. The insightful Mr. Siegel outfitted his hotel with slots in the late 1940s with the intention of providing entertainment for the wives and girlfriends of his high-rolling friends. Needless to say, many embraced the novelty of slot machines and what is even more amazing is that slot machines have an uncomplicated universal appeal to all as playing does not require any specific gambling skills, thus making it possible for anyone to easily get in on the betting experience. What that also means is that anyone can stand the chance to play slots online for real cash winnings without having to undergo the stress of typical gambling games like blackjack, poker or baccarat because the beauty of playing slots is that you can enjoy it at your own pace!

Now, YOU can experience it for yourself too. Play slots online for real money at 128Casino!

Safest Online Casino Practices & Tips

Just like almost everything else in life, a truly enjoyable and memorable online gambling experience requires some measure of discipline and moderation because uncontrolled excesses usually do not end well. Seeing as how the weekend looms near, 128Casino is back with more helpful tips so you’ll be able to easily get the most out of your online casino play with us. We’ve put together a list of do’s and don’t’s that experienced and veteran online gamblers uphold as some of the safest online casino practices to adopt and we’ve done this so you won’t have to risk getting blindsided due to ignorance.

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Play Online Casino Like A Smart & Savvy Player

128Casino provides some of the best betting opportunities and odds on the Web but did you know, there is more you can do to make the most of your online betting experience? You’d be surprised at how far simple betting tips will be able to take you, especially when you adopt similar betting principles that the best online bettors use to enhance their online casino play. For example, enforcing some measure of discipline and self-governance each time you play online casino will benefit you in the long run by helping you to recognize when to cut your losses and to call it a day. Pair discipline with valuable experience and you will also find yourself more adept at discerning the difference between gut instinct and reckless whim. Whether you are driven by the thought of raking in big winnings or simply having fun (or even both), arming yourself with the right approach and techniques will ultimately enhance any experience whenever you play online casino.



Here are a few classic pointers to keep in mind and put into practice each time you gamble online:

• Manage your bankroll by keeping track of all losses and wins
• Take the time to research and learn all the rules of the game
• Never play online casino games and gamble while under the influence of any substance
• There are no rules to winning/losing streaks
• Plan ahead and keep track of time (set an alarm if you have to!)
• Assign an allocated budget specifically meant for that session of gaming and gambling
• Play online casino and indulge in it as a hobby or relaxing past-time, not as a need


Be a smart & savvy bettor when you play online casino on 128Casino to maximize your winning potential!