Bad Blood: Championship Boxing, Chisora vs Fury

In an aptly named event titled Bad Blood, British boxers Dereck Chisora and Tyson Fury will clash in the ring to settle their differences once and for all. Set to take place on 29 November 2014 at ExCel London, these two British heavyweights are expected to deliver an explosive match that spectators will no doubt enjoy. Tyson Fury, who has won all 22 of his fights to date, last took on Dereck Chisora in 2011 which was a match he eventually went on to win. However, Chisora’s trainer, Don Charles, made public claims that he believed Fury had fought ‘dirty’ that night when the two first clashed in July 2011 and that the referee had allowed Fury to get away with it. While Charles’s claims are just speculation coming from one side, their utterance have created a ripple effect resulting in this much anticipated match where Fury is expected to prove his worth as a fair yet destructive boxer. With so much on the line, both men are no doubt gearing up for an intense battle for the European and Vacant British titles and Final Eliminator for the WBO World Heavyweight Championship.

Will Dereck Chisora be able to turn the tables on Tyson Fury in their 2nd meet or will Fury once again continue his winning streak? Bad Blood is what the fights are all about and you can expect lots of explosive action with Chisora vs Fury during this bout of Championship Boxing!

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Free Slot Machine Gaming Tips, Strategies & Myths

Whether you’re an old hand or a newbie in the world of online casino gaming, learning to play slots online doesn’t require much technical skill or know-how. Casino slot games are some of the easiest online betting games to pick up as a few spins on it are all it will take to help you get the hang of the game’s mechanisms. An experienced slots player will tell you that there are certain measures you can take to maximize your gaming profit but that when gambling concerns slot games, a large part of it depends on luck. To help you get the most out of your online casino play and to help potentially maximize your profit margins, 128Casino has compiled a list of free slot machine gaming tips, strategies, and myths!


A slot machine’s mechanisms are programmed to produce random results.
If you come across any advertisements or websites that claim to sell slot machine systems that guarantee wins, you should be on high alert. Every slot machine, whether physical or an online one, is programmed using a Random Number Generator (RNG). A slot machine’s RNG can be programmed to pay out a certain percentage of coins in relation to the amount wagered but the payout rate is random. What that means is that you could win big on your next spin, or you could end up winning small, or maybe not even winning at all until much, much later. The keyword to remember is the term ‘random‘.


Read and compare pay tables.
Every online slot machine has its own pay table and depending on how calculative you plan to be, it could be a key determining factor in choosing which slot machines to play. A slot game’s pay table is essentially a tool that will help you work out that particular machine’s payout with regards to cost. For example, Slot Machine A has a maximum payout of RM10,000 with a cost of RM0.50 per credit and accepts up to 3 credits per spin. Slot Machine B has the same maximum payout of RM10,000 but costs RM0.25 per credit and accepts up to 5 credits per spin. When you compare these two machines, what you will find is that Slot Machine A costs up to RM1.50 per spin whereas Slot Machine B costs up to RM1.25 per spin, with both offering the same maximum payout. Thus, the more cost-effective option would be Slot Machine B.


Know that slot machine payouts are completely random; there is no hidden mystery.
Contrary to popular belief, there are no secret algorithms or secret time slots for lucrative payouts when you play slots online. There are various myths that have influenced the superstitions of online casino players, such as comparing the advantages of pulling a lever versus that of pressing a button. Most players also believe in streaks (both winning or losing ones) and have even developed the misconception that they are directly influenced by a particular time, day or date. While it might feel good for players to place the burden of a win or loss on the cosmos, the truth is that slot machines aren’t that complicated; the only complication surrounding slot machines is the unpredictability of the RNG programming behind the game. The sooner a player embraces this truth, the sooner the player will be able to enjoy the random fun that slot machines offer.

English Premier League: Manchester United vs Crystal Palace Preview

Week 11 of the English Premier League kicks off with an (un)deserved chance for Manchester United to redeem themselves in spite of their poor form and performance thus far. Since the inevitable departure of Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils have been struggling to live up to their reputation for notoriety that once struck both fear and awe in the hearts of the club’s opponents, first under David Moyes, followed by the current manager, Louis van Gaal.


Will the Red Devils be able to reclaim some shred of dignity and pride against Crystal Palace? Continue reading for the full Manchester United vs Crystal Palace preview by 128Casino!

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