English Premier League: West Ham United vs Manchester City Preview

Much is at stake in the upcoming match between West Ham United’s The Hammers and Manchester City’s The Citizens. Manchester City currently sits comfortable at the 2nd spot of the Premier League table (just 5 points behind Chelsea) while the Hammers are gunning for more points to climb the table from its 4th place spot. Both teams have performed well the past week — Manchester City tore apart Tottenham 4-1 last weekend while West Ham United is rapidly gaining momentum after their 3-1 victory over Burnley.


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English Premier League: Liverpool vs Hull City Preview

Just having emerged victorious in a 3-2 away game against Queensland Park Rangers, Liverpool is set to host Hull City 10pm tomorrow night (GMT +8) at Anfield. Considering that Hull City is in good scoring form of late, soccer fans can certainly expect an exciting and entertaining match to take place in this 9th week of the English Premier League. In Hull City’s only win against Liverpool in past head-to-head matches, the Tigers shocked the Reds with a 3-1 home win last December. Seeing as how both teams are fond of an attack-oriented strategy on the football pitch, it is safe to say that there will be plenty of action taking place on the football pitch.

While Hull CIty’s 3-1 win last season might be written off as a fluke, it could be a telling sign of something that their rivals should be worried about. After all, in their last clash against Arsenal, they came away with a respectable 2-2 draw in a match that could have been won if it weren’t for the late equalizer by Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck. It seems that the Tigers have been working hard to live up to their moniker and will try their darndest to give Liverpool a run for their money, despite what the records may show. As such, we can most certainly expect to see a tight match and close encounter between these two clubs, with the likelihood of Mario Balotelli scoring his first Liverpool goal of the Premier League season.

Prediction: Liverpool wins 2-1*
* We are inclined to think that Hull City will definitely score but even then, Liverpool seems favoured to win this match


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English Premier League: Sunderland vs Arsenal Preview

As the action heats up on the football field this English Premier League and as famed football clubs fight hard to reach the top of the Premier League table, there are bound to be unwanted mishaps along the way. Just a brief week after celebrating their first win of the Premier League season, football fans were shocked when Sunderland suffered a humiliating 8-0 defeat at the hands of Southampton. Given the Black Cats’ poor defense, their loss would be almost comical if it weren’t so tragic. In the upcoming match on home ground against Arsenal, the Black Cats will now be seeking to redeem themselves and to do some damage control.

Despite the 8-0 walloping that Sunderland was given by Southampton, the Black Cats have yet to be defeated on home ground. This is by no means a small feat, considering that they’ve played against Tottenham and Manchester United. Still, Sunderland fans have reason to worry about the upcoming match against the Gunners because Sunderland has lost their last 3 home games to them. Factor in the recent 8-0 blunder and what you’ve likely got is a very shaky team that is in need of strengthening both its defense and attack. Even if Arsenal is somewhat under-performing this season (undefeated but with no wins), our bets are on Arsenal crushing Sunderland yet again.

Prediction: Arsenal wins 1-0 or 2-1


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While there are often no guarantees of wins in roulette online gambling (as with other forms of gambling), there are strategies, tips, and tricks that can help increase your chances of winning significantly. As already mentioned before, the driving concept behind roulette online gambling revolves around statistic and probabilities, so the question is, “How do increase the odds of winning your roulette game to be in your favour?”

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