History & Evolution of Online Casino Gaming

Since time immemorial, hobbies and leisurely forms of entertainment have wielded a special power over man. The increasing demand for both classic and unique forms of entertainment has paved the path for billion-dollar industries to mushroom and thrive, from anything to music, movies, sports, and games. Casino gaming is included in this list of high-demand entertainment and thanks to the advent of the Internet age, online casino play is now easily accessible to allow the masses a taste of the high stakes world of betting. Despite a somewhat short history in the industry as compared to other forms of entertainment, online casino gaming has relevant roots that date back to as early as the 1600’s when European gambling houses were all the rage. Despite several attempts by authorities to shut down gambling houses and saloons in the Western world, betting was eventually legalized to allow the public to indulge in casino gaming. The persistent and prevalent love for gambling that is shared by the masses has allowed casino gaming to make it as far as it has today and the Internet, with its boundless prospects, has further grown the industry by making it more convenient for any person to play his/her favourite games.


Online casino gaming started to pick up pace in the early 90’s, especially after the activity was legalized (with the requirement being the acquirement of proper licenses) but back then, the available gaming choices were sadly limited. As the industry continued to grow and with more parties getting involved, the standards were raised for providers and operators to provide the best online casino gaming selections that include a wide range of gaming products such as casino slot games, online sports betting, progressive jackpots, etc. Competition grew intense with an increasing number of online casinos offering free casino games and attractive casino bonuses to entice players.


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