English Premier League: Liverpool vs Stoke City Preview

Defending champions Liverpool have been experiencing a rough Premier League season. 128Casino predicts another outcome with an all-new Liverpool vs Stoke City preview.


Liverpool fans have been sorely disappointed this season by the poor performance of the Reds and any hope fans might have had that the defending champions would rise up to the challenge for Premier League championship title this year were summarily dashed. After a fantastic performance and stint last season, for the Reds to make such an underwhelming return to the field was certainly surprising. With 3 consecutive losses dogging the team and a total of 5 consecutive losses both domestically and internationally, Liverpool will need to clinch this home win at Anfield for the defending champions to get back on track. Rumours are running wild that Reds manager Brendan Rodgers’s career at Liverpool might be short-lived if a solution for the team isn’t found soon. Needless to say, a home win for Liverpool in this upcoming match is of capital importance. Fortunately for the hosts, Stoke City are themselves one of the most inconsistent teams in the league this season by achieving surprising wins then going on to lose matches to a less dominant club. Stoke City’s inconsistency may just be the in and advantage Liverpool’s been looking for to redeem themselves and the Reds are the favourites to win this one.

Prediction: Liverpool wins 2-1

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