English Premier League: Leicester City vs Sunderland Preview

Sitting in a precarious position at the 18th spot in the Premier League table, Leicester City is desperately fighting relegation. Things are not looking good for The Foxes as their team morale has yet to recover from a crushing consecutive loss of 4 Premier League matches without managing to score even a single goal. Playing on home ground usually presents some advantages for the host of a match but the circumstances of this upcoming match fixture will hardly be expected to help Leicester City turn their form around. Sunderland, who’s in far better form this season, will probably not go easy on their hosts and the club is expected to attempt replicating another away win like they did when they were last on the road, when they beat Crystal Palace 3-1. Expect Leicester City’s poor form and lacking defense to continue costing the club goals and matches.

Prediction: Sunderland wins 1-0


Leicester City fights relegation and will look to save face this weekend as they play against Sunderland in Week 12 of the Premier League. Liked 128Casino‘s Leicester City vs Sunderland preview? Stay tuned because we’ve got more coming your way!

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