Play Online Casino Like A Smart & Savvy Player

128Casino provides some of the best betting opportunities and odds on the Web but did you know, there is more you can do to make the most of your online betting experience? You’d be surprised at how far simple betting tips will be able to take you, especially when you adopt similar betting principles that the best online bettors use to enhance their online casino play. For example, enforcing some measure of discipline and self-governance each time you play online casino will benefit you in the long run by helping you to recognize when to cut your losses and to call it a day. Pair discipline with valuable experience and you will also find yourself more adept at discerning the difference between gut instinct and reckless whim. Whether you are driven by the thought of raking in big winnings or simply having fun (or even both), arming yourself with the right approach and techniques will ultimately enhance any experience whenever you play online casino.



Here are a few classic pointers to keep in mind and put into practice each time you gamble online:

• Manage your bankroll by keeping track of all losses and wins
• Take the time to research and learn all the rules of the game
• Never play online casino games and gamble while under the influence of any substance
• There are no rules to winning/losing streaks
• Plan ahead and keep track of time (set an alarm if you have to!)
• Assign an allocated budget specifically meant for that session of gaming and gambling
• Play online casino and indulge in it as a hobby or relaxing past-time, not as a need


Be a smart & savvy bettor when you play online casino on 128Casino to maximize your winning potential!



Online Casino Play to Chase Away Monday Blues

It’s that time of the week again. So how about some indulgent online casino play to do away with the troublesome Monday blues?

128Casino has the cure to remedy all those annoying Monday blues you’ve suffered but guess what? You will not have to endure boring and dreary days anymore because full fledged fun online casino play on 128Casino is here to save the day! Indulge in the experience of being spoiled for choice with addictive casino games from:

1S Casino
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Just how lucky do you think you are? The only way to find out is through online casino play with us at 128Casino!

At 128Casino, all avenues are open for you to explore your full potential. At our fast rising live online casino in Malaysia, all bettors share almost equal opportunities to claim rights to massive winnings. We say ‘almost equal opportunities’ because of course, the chance to win is still somewhat reliant on a bettor knowing how to play his/her cards right (pun intended). However, Lady Luck may just bestow favour upon the inexperienced and uninitiated!

Match & Win Contest: What’s Your Online Lottery Lucky Number?

Win more and earn more this year with 128Casino‘s Match & Win Lottery Contest that will reward you for deposits made, based on a weekly online lottery lucky number! What this means is that by simply making a deposit deposit on 128Casino, you will qualify to participate in the weekly lucky draw that will grant you the chance to win MYR 88 worth of playing credit. The best part is that the MYR 88 awarded has no rollover or turnover requirements!


To find out how you can benefit from our weekly online lottery lucky number draw, visit 128Casino and/or read the full contest terms & conditions below.



• For each successful deposit transaction, a deposit notification will be sent via SMS with a 2-digit lucky number attached.
• Members can stand a chance to win by matching the assigned lucky number with the first 2 digits of the official 1st prize winning numbers drawn in Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, and Da Ma Cai every Sunday.

• The promotion is valid from 12:00PM (GMT +8) 01st June 2014 until 11:59AM (GMT +8) 01st December 2014.
• The contest will be held weekly and will begin every Sunday 7:00PM (GMT +8) until the following Sunday 6.59PM (GMT +8).
• This promotion is applicable to all members registered with 128Casino.
• The list of weekly winners will be published on 128Casino’s Facebook page.
• All winning bonuses will be credited directly into each winner’s 1S Casino player account by Monday.
• Members are entitled to 1 entry per deposit transaction (minimum MYR 50) with a received deposit notification before every Sunday 6:59PM (GMT +8).
• The awarded bonus under this promotion is not subject to any rollover requirements.
• The promotion may be claimed individually or in conjunction with any other promotion by 128Casino.
128Casino reserves the right to change any or all of the promotion’s terms and conditions or modify the features of the promotion at any time without prior notice.
128Casino reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time and to exclude any individual at its sole discretion.
• General Terms & Conditions apply.

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Welcome! 128Casino warmly invites all avid bettors and online casino punters to discover the next best thing in online gambling at our live online casino in Malaysia. Packed to the brim with seemingly endless varieties and choices of games to play, 128Casino provides all keen bettors with the perfect go-to platform to make dreams a reality and why not? 128Casino effectively combines the innovation of game development with the high accessibility and convenience afforded by the Internet to deliver full fledged online casino entertainment directly to your home (or wherever else you may be)!

If you’re less than convinced that 128Casino has what you’ve been looking for, simply take a quick browse through the highly attractive selections of 128Casino‘s gaming products we have in store for you and trust us, you’ll soon change your mind. Plus, 128Casino actively runs some of the most tempting and rewarding online casino bonuses that aim to increase the value of all your online gambling experiences with us. Give 128Casino a ‘test drive’ and be amazed as we raise the bar of standards in the online casino world!


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