English Premier League: Arsenal vs Burnley Preview

For English Premier League newcomers Burnley, the elation of qualifying for the 2014/15 season was awfully (and almost piteously) short-lived. Suffering a terrible and almost disastrous run that saw Burnley unable to win any of the 9 games they’ve played and with only a dismal total of 4 goals scored thus far, the team has now claimed the bottom-most spot on the Premier League table. The Gunners, on the other hand, haven’t been delivering either. With their sometimes hot and sometimes cold performance on the field, Arsenal seems to fall short of its expected potential. Despite the somewhat lackluster form displayed, the Gunners are without contest the firm favourites expected to win this match. In fact, it might even be said that the match against Burnley would likely be an easy win for the Gunners and that Burnley’s role in this match would be to provide itself as a stepping stone for Arsenal to renew its purpose this season.


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English Premier League: Newcastle United vs Liverpool Preview

The Magpies take on The Reds at St. James’ Park on 1st November, 8.45pm (GMT+8). Read 128Casino‘s predictions with the Newcastle United vs Liverpool preview.


After a disappointing match against Hull City on home ground, Anfield, that resulted in a goalless draw, Liverpool is eagerly looking to prove itself to be the stellar team it was last season. Despite its 7th place spot on the Premier League table, Liverpool is in a precarious position and is at risk of eventually being crushed if the team doesn’t buck up. Judging from the team’s performance this season, the Reds have to ditch complacency and work on their defensive side because past errors in defense have resulted in embarrassing losses in matches that they had been highly favoured to win. On top of that, newly signed Mario Balotelli, a star striker whose signing invited a ray of optimism for the Reds, has yet to live up to his fame and notoriety on the football field — Balotelli’s performance has disappointed thus far this season as he has yet to score his first goal of the 2014/15 Premier League.

Similarly, Newcastle United did not enjoy a good start to their season but have managed to come out of their funk to win their last 2 matches. Thus far, they’ve only lost 2 out of the 6 games they’ve played, drawn on 2 matches and have won the last 2. Despite their gradual improvement on the field, the Magpies have their work cut out for them if they hope to beat Liverpool because expectations for Balotelli to come through for the Reds are running high and he will most likely be a threat to Newcastle United’s defenses in his endeavours to deliver.

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English Premier League: Queens Park Rangers vs Aston Villa Preview

Despite an impressive and hopeful start to the English Premier League season, Aston Villa has, to date, consecutively lost 4 of its last matches. Sitting at the 15th spot of the Premier League table, Aston Villa is desperate and on the hunt for a win, with Queens Park Rangers in its cross-hairs. Playing on home ground early tomorrow morning at 4am (GMT +8), the Rs are equally desperate for a win that will allow them to claw their way up from their bottom spot on the table. In a bid to win, it is predicted that both sides could get aggressive, so one can expect to see a lot of yellow cards issued.

It is likely that Aston Villa will perceive the match against Queens Park Rangers to be an easy win but with so much at stake on both sides, both teams’ players will no doubt bring their best game to the match. We also have to take into account Aston Villa’s poor performance of late and factor in lowered morale. Plus, any football fan knows well enough that match upsets make it possible for the game to swing either way. Despite its bottom of the table position and the team’s recent 2-3 loss to Liverpool, the Queens Park Rangers had actually done well and held their own against a major football club like Liverpool, so we expect that the Rs will put up a strong resistance to prove Aston Villa wrong.

Prediction: Queens Park Rangers win 1-0


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English Premier League: Southampton vs Stoke City Preview

Will Southampton meet and exceed expectations after their glorious victory against Sunderland? Find out what we at 128Casino think with our English Premier League Southampton vs Stoke City preview!


Fresh from delivering an 8-0 thrashing to Sunderland, the Saints of Southampton are on a high induced by overwhelming victory. With a solid and good run thus far in this season of the Premier League, Southampton are the clear favourites to win in this match against the Potters of Stoke City. Aside from the boosted morale and high momentum gained from their largest Premier League victory to date, the Saints will be taking on Stoke City on home ground, thus further bolstering their chances of winning all 3 points. However, experts and analysts have cautioned that Southampton could get overconfident and end up being complacent. Still, in the event that complacency occurs, it should not be too difficult for the consistent Saints to recover and outperform the fluctuating form of Stoke City, no matter how hardy they may be. Southampton are highly favoured to clinch this match and to continue on their tremendous run of form this Premier League season.

Prediction: Southampton wins 2-0